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Live at Glastonbury '99 CD Album

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Release Date: 21/06/2019

Discs: 1

This release celebrates the 20th anniversary of a pivotal performance and career-defining year for Travis. In June of 1999, with Travis’ sophomore album The Man Who having only been in the record shops for a month, Travis played the Other Stage at the Glastonbury Festival. 

It had been glorious weather, but, as they played their soon-to-be-released single “Why Does It Always Rain on Me?,” the heavens opened. The soggy crowd went wild, and the performance went down as one of the all-time great shows in the festival’s 50-year history. By the time “Why Does It Always Rain on Me?” was released as a single five weeks later, Travis and The Man Who were on the precipice of international stardom, and would go on to headline Glastonbury a year later. 

1. Blue Flashing Light
2. The Fear
3. Writing To Reach You
4. Good Feeling
5. U16 Girls
6. As You Are
7. Why Does It Always Rain On Me?
8. Coming Around
9. All I Want To Do Is Rock
10. Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah
11. Good Day To Die
12. More Than Us
13. Driftwood
14. Slide Show
15. Turn
16. Happy