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Everything At Once
Deluxe CD/DVD Album

CD/DVD £14.00

Release Date: 29/04/2016

Discs: 2


Everything At Once’ is the brand new ten track studio album by Travis released on their own label Red Telephone Box and features the new single ‘3 Miles High’ a beautifully understated and uplifting acoustic track, featuring backing vocals from up and coming Norwegian artist Aurora.

Written by Travis and produced by Michael Ilbert at the legendary Hansa Studios in Berlin, ‘Everything At Once’ positively overflows with conviction and confidence; pushing boundaries while maintaining their classic sound.

This deluxe album set features a DVD containing the Everything At Once film directed by Fran Healy.

Includes instant download of the tracks "Everything At Once", "Magnificent Time" and "3 Miles High".

DVD information...

Travis have always tried to make good videos to go with their songs. We all love films. 

I watched a few movies in 2015 while recording our new album which inspired me to perhaps try something a bit more visually ambitious this time around. One was Wild Tales, an Argentinian film which is made up of 6 discreet shorts which all loosely connect, another was Ikiru by Akira Kurosawa and finally i saw the German movie Victoria, which scooped all the awards at last years German Baftas. It's a feature shot entirely in one take. This was the main catalyst. I thought if someone can shoot a full 2 hour feature in one take with no cuts, it wouldn't be far fetched for me to try and make a movie which connected all the main songs on our record.

So I hired young up and coming producer Elena Winterer and persuaded the hottest new DP in Germany Cristian Pirjol and my friend Sarah Iben who is one of the best editors in the US and a crew of amazing film makers including the lighting guy from Victoria, to bring it all to life. It's been the coolest most creative time i've ever had and the best thing i think i've ever been a part of. - Fran Healy 2016

1. What Will Come
2. Magnificent Time
3. Radio Song
4. Paralysed
5. Animals
6. Everything At Once
7. 3 Miles High
8. All Of The Places
9. Idlewild (ft. Josephine Oniyama)
10. Strangers On A Train